Mostransnefteproduct, JSC Holds Internal Audit of Energy Management System

Date of publication: 07 December 2015 Print

The internal audit of the energy management system (ENS) took place in business units of the administrative staff (AS) and at production facilities of the Volodarskoye Regional Product Pipeline Department (Volodarskoye RPPD) of Mostransnefteproduct JSC from November 30 to December 5, 2015.

The Volodarskaya Line Operation Dispatcher Station (Volodarskaya LODS), the Nagornaya oil pump station (Nagornaya OPS), and the administrative staff of Mostransnefteproduct, JSC were audited for compliance with ISO 50001:2011 and ENS regulations.

The auditors’ group included specialists of the chief energy engineer of Transneft, JSC subsidiaries. In the internal audit, the inspectors estimated the Company’s systemic work aimed at reasonable use of energy resources, reviewed the enterprise’s readiness for the main audit. Based on the audit, conformity of the energy management system at Mostransnefteproduct, JSC facilities to ISO 50001:2011 was confirmed.

In March 2015, Mostransnefteproduct, JSC received the certificate of conformity to IS0 50001:2011 in the certification audit under DQS company energy management system.

To enhance energy efficiency, the following work was performed in Mostransnefteproduct JSC in 2015:

- overhauling of MNA No. 21 electric engine at the Ryazan Line Operation Dispatcher Station (Ryazan LODS);

- refurbishment of the boiler room of the Venev booster pump station (Venev BPS): replacement of operating boilers with boiler with automatic regulation of fuel supply;

- the automated system of heat carrier temperature maintenance depending on the external air temperature was installed (on-duty heating system) at the Ryazan LODS (central warehouses).

The systemic work intended to secure reasonable use of energy resources to improve energy efficiency is carried out in all of Mostransnefteproduct, JSC branches.